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He further said that the several major towns of the state would also be covered under AMRUT so that they are replete with all the modern facilities of urban living. Deputy Chief Minister asked the executing agency to ensure timely completion of the projects through proper monitoring and supervision at the highest level. Stressing on close monitoring, he directed Deputy Commissioner to conduct regular inspections of construction sites to remove bottlenecks hampering the pace of progress. Bali Bhagat inaugurated Modular Eye Operation Theatre at Govt. She assured the Kendra of all possible support from the state government in taking forward its mission.

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Having the hilarious dynamic duo as title characters was fan service of the purest kind. Yes, their antics may be overwhelmingly ridiculous and over the top, but they were still consistently amusing. Hindsight may reveal this roller-coaster of strange stuff, madcap cameos and sheer hilarity as too much of a good thing, but at the time it captured a spirit that Smith has frequently lost sight of since. Applesauce, bitch. 4.


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She comes to believe that they died in the fire, deliberately set by fundamentalist Sunni locals, and their deaths went unreported in the media. The mob was reacting to the presence of prominent author, satirist and activist Aziz Nesin. (In early 1990s, Nesin began a translation of Salman Rushdie’s controversial novel, “The Satanic Verses. ) A post-script explains how the horror of that event still reverberates through Turkish society and creates a solid foundation for Hasret’s ordeal. Inflame was nominated for Best First Feature at the 2017 Berlin International Film Festival and won the Special Jury Prize at the Ankara International Film Festival and SXSW Gamechanger Award.


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I get some terrible canned questions for some sites that I never answer haha. Also thanks so much to the great fans who are listening and collecting our music. It’s very humbling to see folks posting our albums on their turntable and such. Catching my first band live by accident; The Poison Girls at a G. .


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In confusion, Luffy asks Law what has happened, but he remains unresponsive. Doflamingo tells Luffy that Law is dead, shocking the pirate. As the citizens of Dressrosa realize that the Birdcage is shrinking, Doflamingo mocks Law's last words and states that it is time for the game to end. Luffy prepares to fight but faintly hears Law's voice telling him to listen closely. Doflamingo shrinks the Birdcage, causing the citizens of Dressrosa to run away in panic.