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heres also a library of future books in Robin McKinleysnovel Beauty. Finally, other people were reminded of the library inJorge Luis Borges story The Library of Babel, where avast universe is described which contains all possiblebooks (assuming a finite alphabet and a fixed book sizethe number of all possible books is mindbogglingly huge,but finite) in random order. Most books in such alibrary would appear written by the monkey andtypewriter brigade, but all the coherent books, whetheractually written or not, are in there as well. Legend has it that when Syracuse was eventually takenthe Roman soldiers entered Archimedes house as he wastrying to solve a geometrical problem. He had just beendrawing some figures on the floor of his house when thesoldiers entered. In the UK there were a series of adverts for the AA(Automobile Association) where people were in variousdire motoring trouble.


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h and there is romance now. And yes I have to confess, there is a triangle, but see, it does not bother me cos there is no triangle. So no triangle, just 3 demon-humans falling for each other. Well, all I say you go girl and go for it. ut this was not a romance book, she thinks about her hotties, but there is no time for romance as her sister gets kidnapped. And the whole she can see dead people thing, and in the underlands that is not a good thing.


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And third, the Tucson community loves our programming, including everyone from students, the 25-45 demographic, to children and senior citizens. We are constantly reaching new audiences, expanding our reach with new and innovative programming. I think people are increasingly aware of the importance of buying local, and everyone recognizes The Loft as a grass-roots, locally-owned independent cinema. When you’re in The Loft, you know you’re in Tucson because it reflects the personality of the community. When you’re in the multiplex you could be anywhere as they all look exactly alike. But even more important than the fact that we’re local is the quality of the programming, which is a refreshing alternative to the Hollywood product showing at the multi-plexes.


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Yes, they should have passed it to people that care. I kind of have an explanation for what was going on with Sansa and Arya arguing. (Yeah the show was clear as mud. But anyhow, the only thing that makes sense of it to me is that possibly the girl that Arya spies and sees Little Finger pay is a spy in the house reporting to him. After one of the arguments the girls have, Sansa burns papers that we dont know what they were about. Perhaps they were notes between them to set up Little Finger for later on.


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Where I think there is a danger, though, is when we start giving adult LF’s skills to teenage LF. I don’t think he had an opportunity to effect real chaos until he went to KL. And that doesn’t seem to have happened until quite a few years into Robert’s reign. It is more of a book thing, but he used Lysa’s fear of her son being taken from her (for fostering) when he persuaded her to use the Tears of Lys on her husband, for example. Just as he isolates Sansa by making her dependent on him following her escape from the Purple Wedding (he does this more in the books, but to a reasonable extent in the show). To hell with the Jamie is Volunqour alone, why can’t he be both.