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And, as you will recall from season six, Sam now has a Valyrian steel sword of his own after nicking Heartsbane from his odious father. Plus there’s the fact that actor John Bradley West has been dropping some serious hints about his character’s importance in the big finale. “I think that Sam is actually really important to the whole landscape of the show,” he said. “The only thing I wanted, the only thing actors want as a rule is for their characters to be important. You want to be relevant and have an impact on things.


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For a filmmaker so steeped in the American and Mexican West, his transition into rural England seems so established and natural. It still amazes that, given many of his later projects would be taken over by the studio, he got this on film at all. I have grown to love this film after multiple viewings over many years, but still find its conclusions and commentary on the human condition extremely discomforting. And welcome aboard! --Ivan Reply Delete Replies Reply Add comment Load more.


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Yes, he orchestrated the Red Wedding, but for the purposes of protecting his family. Awful father, but not evil in the category of Roose, his son, etc. I think show people have her on the same pedestal as Jon Snow, while as I reader I see her as developing the Targ madness. Pragmatic? For the record I didn't say good or evil.


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This will not be good news for him, so I am very curious to see how they handle it for next season. If you think about it maybe it's a good thing not to be a close member of that family. Arya enjoys killing a little too much but at least she kills evil people while Sansa seems to be thinking about killing her sister. I agree that Jon finding out Ned Stark was not his birth father will be devastating to him. But he will at least have the comfort of knowing Lyanna is his mother, and Ned raised him.